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PA Lawn Services Fall Cleanup
Fall clean-up ensures that your landscape beds are cleaned and fallen leaves are removed, preventing mold and fungus from growing.

PA Lawn Services provides the following fall clean-up services for its commercial and residential clients:

•Leaf Removal
•Bed Cleaning
•Shrub Pruning

Leaf Removal
Leaf Removal is a large task for property owners. Leaves fall from trees located on your property, as well as adjacent properties. The leaf removal service from PA Lawn Service takes the hassle out of leaf collection and removal from commercial and residential properties. Contact us today to learn more about the leaf removal service. The service includes cleaning up leaves and debris from the turf and hauling debris from the property.

Bed Cleaning
Flower beds and landscape beds are beautiful and easier to maintain in the summer months. However in the fall leaves from trees fall within the bed. As cooler weather arrives and rainy days increase, this can cause mold which can damage your mulch and plants. Bed cleaning also allows snow from the winter months to land directly on the bedding providing a direct water source for those warm spring days.  This helps spring flowers to get the water and nutrients they need. 

Shrub Pruning
When you have shrubs around your home it is important to provide them with winter protection (winterizing) to ensure that they are not damaged over the winter months. The shrub pruning service provided by PA Lawn Service assure that proper cutting methods are used and provide you with beautiful shrubs in the spring.